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ARANA 2 Rear Hatch Trunk Wagon Gas Lift Supports Struts Shocks Springs for 2014 1999-2006 Volkswagen Golf or Passat or 2001-2005 Jetta Liftgate

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  • Introducing the new GoWesty super heavy duty hatch strut. We engineered these struts in only one force—after much trial and error, we found what we consider to be the "perfect" resistance. We were tired of dealing with hatch struts that didn't work properly and didn't last long enough... thus, the GoWesty hatch strut was born.

    A hatch strut is the connecting arm between your car's rear hatch lid and the body. The hatch strut works like a shock mechanism as it uses hydraulic oil and air compression to slow the closing and opening of the hatch while holding it firmly in place. Most hatch struts allow the driver to simply open the hatch lid and push upwards slightly. The hydraulic force of the strut typically takes over and opens the hatch by itself.

  • The hatch strut is important mainly for three reasons. The first, and most important, is safety. It keeps drivers and passengers safe from a loose hatch slamming down on top of them. The second reason is for convenience. Hatch struts allow for easy access to the rear of the vehicle for loading people, groceries, or anything else. Finally, the hatch strut saves the operator the physical stress of lifting and holding the hatch lid. This falls into safety but is really more beneficial in prolonged use for a long period o time.

    That's you. The bottom line about the hatch struts is that they're easy to replace and it's one of the most satistying repairs you can make to your car. Unlike or , you'll be enjoying your newly bouyant rear hatch right away. By the way, the rear hatch strut is that little shock absorber looking thing that holds your rear hatch up when you lift it all the way. Sometimes they are right out in the open (lucky you!), other times they are hidden behind an access panel. Either way, they're easy to deal with replacing.

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    Hatch struts can become worn or malfunction just like any other car part. While uncommon, hatch struts can become dislodged from the vehicle at the connecting points. This can be due to jarring, an accident, or maybe closing something in the hatch impeding the progress. Most often, the struts wear out from constant use and the hydraulic pressure dies out. If this happens, they are less helpful when opening the hatch lid, they get in the way of opening the lid which actually makes it more difficult, and they can be dangerous as they may allow the hatch to slam shut.

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If you can't see your hatch strut, it is likely hiding behind a single access panel. On the Volvo XC70 we used for this tutorial, the hatch shocks are located along the roofline underneath a plastic panel at the top.