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Fits Hyundai Sonata 11 12 2011 2012 Rear Tail Light With Bulb 92401-3Q000 Lh

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    Hyundai Sonata LED Taillights are a slick high tech upgrade for old or worn out stock tail lights on your Sonata. L.E.D. taillights are the newest type of tail lights available, and they use super bright and fast acting LED’s to give your Sonata the look of the newer high end vehicles on the road. With a relatively simple installation, you could enjoy the benefits of faster light response time as well as increasing the visibility of your signaling and braking. Best of all, Sonata L.E.D tail lamps give you a clean look similar to the red⁄clear style of taillights, with the same type of aggressive styling found on Altezza tails. Also, due to their bulb-less design, they are more resistant to leaking and fogging up than the other styles of tailllamps available.

  • The 5th-gen Hyundai Sonata Tail Lights can be found in OEM, Altezza, and Euro styles that all maintain OEM standard fitment while providing a variety of different looks. Some 2006-2010 Hyundai Sonata Tail Lights include modern LED lighting that provides improved lighting quality and aesthetics while others use standard halogen bulbs.

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