Since when did Venom make intake manifolds for our cars?

VENOM intake manifolds have CNC machined intake runners to insure 100% volumetric efficiency of each cylinder.

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  • VENOM intake manifold accept up to 66 mm throttle body. VENOM intake manifolds can be used on naturally aspirated or forced induction motors. The polished intake manifold makes a great addition to any show car.

    Highlights: B18C1 bored to 2.0L via RS Machine sleeves, Supertech piston and valvetrain, Garrett GT35R turbo, Spoolin' Performance exhaust manifold, Venom intake manifold, TiAL wastegate, Rywire coil-on-plug conversion, custom 4in V-band exhaust. Chargespeed front lip, 17x7 Work Meister M1 wheels.

  • VENOM intake manifolds are CNC machined from billet aluminum. Head flange and intake runner surfaces are CNC machined to reduce turbulence thus increasing the speed and volumetric efficiency of intake manifold.

    Up for sale is a used Polished Venom Intake Manifold. Had plans to use this with my turbo setup but I am now parting out. This manifold is light weight and massive. See pictures. Fuel rail not included.

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    Re: FS: Venom Intake Manifold

    Originally Posted by k24em2hybrid
    i know your setup was fro boost but would this work with a all motor k24
    No idea man. I used it to replace my rbc so if a rbc fits on your k24 head then I don't see why this wouldn't.

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    Re: Venom Intake Manifold..TB Problems

    I'm not going to answer all your questions, partly because I don't know, and the other part is that I'm too lazy to look.

    Anyway, those nipples on the TB are for emissions. Or, at least the ones I think your talking about are. They are not needed to keep your car running and running well. It may be different on a 2g, but on my 1g I pulled all the lines and capped them off with caps. I've only got a couple vaccum lines still left under the hood, and they go to my BOV, wastegate, and maybe one other thing. There may be another, but I'm not in front of the car now, so I'm just shooting into the dark on that.

    As for the TB spacer, you may be able to make one. I've seen them made from wood, but only on a carburated car. If you can, think about making a template out of 3/4 in plywood. When you've got the perfect shape and all holes made, try taking it to a metal work shop and see if they can fab an aluminum one for you. That is, if you can't find one already made....

    These Venom intake manifolds are CNC Machined from billet aluminum to reduce turbulence and increase the speed and volumetric efficiency of the intake manifold. The manifold excepts up to a 66mm throttle body. It can be used on naturally aspirated or forced induction applications. The Polished manifolds make a great edition to any show car!

95 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse 4CYL Turbo Venom Intake Manifolds Red | eBay

Well first off I would like to say that the Venom Intake Manifold is about as far from "bolt on" as you could possibly get. This thing is a nightmare...and the people at Venom have no freakin clue how to help...