Best Harley-Davidson Bikes for Women Riders

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A while back, it was quite unheard of for women to ride Harleys. It was seen as a bike for men to boost their macho image. I have to say it is so amazing to see women getting into the field and buying the bikes, attending owner meetings, taking part in group riding sessions, and even visiting Harley-Davidson OEM parts dealerships for repairs. I like that women are helping to increase the number of people on two wheels.

I have to say there is no thing like girls biking in the riding world. Unlike other things that are gender-specific, we don’t have bikes specially made for women. However, we have models that have features that are more comfortable for women more than men. So here are my top 3 Harleys for women.

Sportster 883 Super Low

I have always recommended the Sportster 883 Harley for any beginner rider. The bike has an 830cc motor so you are sure it’s powerful enough but you’ve got it under control. It’s design is what makes it ideal for female riders. It has a 25.5 inches low seat allowing you to have both feet on the ground. The deep bucket seat design lets you straddle the bike with minimal effort. And the handlebars are designed in a way that you can grab them without having to lean your entire body toward the handle. No backaches. It’s lightweight ensuring very low gravity building the confidence of new riders.

Softtail Low Rider

I have to say this is one of the most powerful bikes in the market and I love them. You need to be a skilled rider to control it as it has a 1745cc engine that can produce up to 110 pounds of torque and 86 horsepower. If you want a bike with an effective power-weight-ratio I recommend this Softail. Also, the seat height is at 26.8 inches making it easy for an average height woman to place both feet on the ground. The handlebars are curved bringing them to the rider.

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Softail Deluxe

This bike looks like some macho machine for men but women have proved it wrong. They’ve dispelled this notion. The seat is at 24.5 inches making it a perfect height to stay in control of the bike. I like that they have even catered to short women by providing an aftermarket seat lowering kit. Also the scooped seats are ideal for lumbar support even during long-distance rides. And the pullback handles are easier to grip. I love that it’s a heavy bike (1746cc) providing enough power to handle even the tough canyon roads.