Choose The Best Weed Detox Shampoo For Passing A Drug Test

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Did you know that THC stays the longest in the human’s system than any other known drug? Even though this is a drug that makes the lowest addiction or no addiction at all, it is still a drug that refuses to leave our system for a long time.

Heavy marijuana users, those that smoke every day and more times a day, will fall on the drug test even after it is performed months after the last time, they did it. It means you can smoke every day for a month, and the traces will be there for the next month to come even if you quit.

When it comes to work-related examinations, there’s a way to be caught even 90 days after the last consumption. The follicle test is able to uncover narcotic traces in the human hair for such a long time that unless you treat yourself properly, chances to get positive drug results are very high.

Luckily, there’s an option to make you sure you’ll be drug-free on the examination day. It’s called detox shampoo. The best THC detox shampoo for a drug test can be only found on the internet and in order to be sure you’ll pass, it needs to be used just exactly as prescribed.

What is the best option?

Based on our long year experience and looking on the reviews on the internet it’s clear that the best option is the Aloe Rid Old Formula detox shampoo. Even though it holds the highest price among the competition by far, it is still the most selling one and the one that is able to provide perfect results. If you want to know more about it, read on and learn.

Why is this option best?

Do you know what propylene glycol is? It’s a chemical substance that is odorless and colorless but it’s highly successful in skimming the follicle’s layers. There are 3 layers of the follicle and another 10 more of the hair itself. This substance is able to get them off all. This is important because inside is the drug that you want to get rid of.

Propylene glycol is a part of the composition inside the shampoo. Along with the other substances, it creates the most successful formula in cleaning the drugs from your hair. Also, it is the only detox shampoo that can be used daily. All other competitors have dangerous chemicals that damage your hair. This one can be used as your everyday solution. Learn more about propylene glycol on this link.

How to properly use it?

The manufacturer claims that you’ll be completely toxin free if you use this solution for at least 10 days and wash with it not less than 3 times a day. After this time, you can be sure that the test will come out negative. During this time, you need to wash thoroughly and make sure the ingredients of it get deep inside the scalp.

What is interesting about it is that once your toxin free, you can continue smoking and the results will always come out negative if you keep using the shampoo. The drug particles get inside the scalp skin and through it in the root of the hair. When it grows, it transports the drug with itself.

Hair grows with a speed of 0.5 inches per month and it takes around 14 days to come out of the scalp and be visible for everyone. Now, the follicle test is able to detect narcotics for the past three months. That’s around 1.5 inches of your hair. This means that if you put enough effort and clean the 1.5 inches above the scalp, then you need to just continue washing daily and you can smoke every day without caring about any sudden testing.

The Macujo method

Aloe Rid is the key ingredient of the Macujo method. What is it? It’s a proven way to beat the follicle test. People like you, the ones in need invented it. It’s very unconventional and rather strange, but it is a proven way to beat the testing in short notice.

What you need to do is first order the Aloe Rid shampoo. There’s an option to order it online and get it overnight. Then you need to go to the drugstore and buy some things like Clean and Clear solution, Tide detergent, and white vinegar. Interesting combination, isn’t it?

Sure, it is, but it will be more interesting if you fail on the examination day and get fired. So, don’t make a surprising face, just go with it. In case you get fired, you’ll have a harder chance to find another job. See here a look at this situation:

What you need to do is first put the vinegar on your wet hair and massage your scalp with it. Make sure you do it thoroughly, so the skin gets soaked enough and be ready for upcoming things. Then use the Clean and Clear solution. This is a skincare product that makes the scalp soft. Leave these two products as they are for 30 minutes under a plastic cap.

Then continue with the shampoo. Wash everything off with it and make sure you do a good job. Just like previously, wash thoroughly and make sure you reach the shaft. This is the place that’s the most important so don’t waste too much time on the end parts, rather on the parts as close as possible to the root. In the end, finish the process with another rinse with the Tide detergent. Make sure this is done once more right before the test.



When that obligatory hair test comes, it’s best to have enough time to stop taking drugs and get over the moment without too much stress. However, if there’s not enough time, you’ll handle the problem with this special shampoo which is obviously the best.

Follow the instruction manual and be patient during the time of washing and you’ll surely pass. Good luck!