Common Car AC Problems

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With summers in full rage these days, the temperatures are certainly soaring. We might not realize it yet due to staying indoors all the time because of the coronavirus lockdown. However, the outside temperatures are certainly unbearable without the AC. This brings us to our topic for today.

It is difficult to drive around without the AC in these soaring temperatures. However, it is also the time when most people will experience an issue with their car’s AC. It is quite common due to the excessive use and summer heat which can damage the AC. But we are not going to tell you how you can fix the problem as it is a job reserved for the professionals.

Instead, in this topic, we will be talking about the common car AC problems which people are likely to encounter.

Faulty Fan

If the AC stopped transmitting proper cooling, then the most likely cause is a faulty fan. The fan can crack up due to various reasons, thereby leading to improper cooling or even hot air. You can visually inspect the fan for cracks or any other signs of damage. A blown fuse is also a likely reason behind the faulty fan. If the fan is broken, you will need to replace it. Otherwise, no matter what you do, further issues are likely to follow. If you have a faulty fan and live in the UAE, then PitStopArabia offers AC repair & maintenance services in Dubai.

Leaking Refrigerant

A refrigerant leak can happen due to several reasons including continuously driving over rough surfaces. What makes them annoying is that they can happen at any point, making it challenging to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. However, the hose connections are the most common point of leakage. You can use a sealant to fix the leak. But make sure that the sealant is designed for car ACs. Using a non-designated sealant might do more harm than good.

Electrical Issues

The most challenging and annoying issue to identify are electrical issues. No matter how trained & experienced a professional is, electric problems require intensive labour & time. To diagnose it, the technician must visually inspect all the wires (related to the AC) individually. It is better to replace the wires then to mend them with tape. If the problem cannot be diagnosed through a simple visual inspection, it might be time to hook up the car to a computer to see the issue with the help of the latest technology.

Broken Condenser

If you regularly drive through areas with high levels of debris, then a broken condenser is not a distant possibility. The debris can come through the car grill at the front and damage the condenser or any other component. A quick visual inspection will help you assess if the condenser is broken or not. If it is, your AC will stop working altogether.

Blocked Condenser

A blocked condenser means that you will only be getting hot air instead of the cool breeze. Again, there are several reasons which can result in blockage. If there is anything blocking it, remove it and turn on the AC again. If it still gives hot air, then it is best to take it to the local service centre for a detailed check-up.