Great Tire Wash Technology to Solve Public Road Issues on Construction Site

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Dirty public roads become a common problem that can be found. The roads around the construction sites mostly will have some soils and other construction materials left by the trucks or other vehicles. These surely make things look awful, and that is why many contractors and construction sites will get various complaints. Unfortunately, it is not easy to fully clean the vehicles. The tires may be cleaned, but this will take costs for the energy and water for cleaning it. In fact, it is possible to get the solution, and the tire wash system or technology can become the options. Some manufacturers are aware of the issues, and they develop the technology for washing the wheels.

Tire Wash Technology

The wheel wash technology surely is necessary for construction sites. The cleaning and washing process may be possible to run manually by ordering some people to do the jobs. However, it will be less effective, and somehow water can be wasted away during the process. In the end, the construction has to deal with extra costs for water and electricity. In terms of wheel wash technology, it is actually still using water and electricity to make it work. However, the technology is designed to make things more efficient. Things will automatically once the vehicle step on the washing technology. Then, the usage of water and power is monitored and managed. This is how effectiveness and efficiency are maintained. Once the vehicle passes through the washing machine, the wheels are already clean, and they will not cause dirty public roads anymore.


Water Recycle System

Consumption of water in a construction site should be managed properly. Even if there can be sources of water in there, it still needs a pump to bring the water to the surface. It means that power is needed during the process. That is why it is great when the wheel washing technology is equipped with a water recycling system. The technology may run the recycling process from the water coming from its washing process. By recycling the water, it is possible to get a better consumption rate of it so it is more efficient. With the combined mechanism of the washing and recycling technology, the construction site surely will not have any complaints anymore regarding the dirty public roads around the site.