Guide to Starting a Car Repair Services Business in Finland: What You Need To Know

Starting a Finnish car services business in Finland is no easy task. From understanding the local market dynamics and regulations to acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, there are many elements to consider. Nonetheless, it is a very rewarding endeavour that can be a great source of income and provide a valuable service to the community.

You can also read company reviews in Finland on ReviewsBird to get an idea of what your competitors are doing. Not all reviews are positive and from happy customers, because this platform supports unbiased and honest reviews by people who have experienced with the company. You can also consider this guide that will provide you with the essential information you need to know to successfully start a car repair services business in Finland. We will discuss the key aspects to consider, such as the necessary licenses, permits, and training, as well as market research and financial planning.

Setup location and plan

Before starting any business anywhere, you need to set up a plan and create a milestone budget for the business. Car repair services will need instruments and a budget to purchase various car repair parts and to manage your service area efficiently. Thinking about how you will raise money for the car repair service, are you targeting luxury cars only? All this is a part of the planning you need to conduct before starting your own car repair business in Finland.

Obtain licenses

Obtaining licenses is the foremost step you need to perform when starting a car repair service in Finland, your services may be subject to some heavy taxation or any penalty if something unlawful happens. Make sure to comply with all the necessary Finland taxation and license services before opting for car repair services.

Set Up a business bank account

To finance your business, you need to set up a business bank account first with a Finland bank that suits your services the best. Through a business bank account, you will easily get interest rates that will boost your car service business and you will be able to maintain a strong credit history to further expand your business and let your clients trust you.

Get insurance

Getting insurance from a reputed insurance company in Finland will help you cover the costs of damages and other important dues that might get in the way in case there is damage caused to your property or your machinery or any health hazard happens. Contact insurance companies and get your desired package before making your service station operational.

Get experienced employees

Offer good starting wages to employees and advertise to get the desired employees with experience and skills to deal with situations and train them to work according to your business needs.


To establish a car repair service business in Finland, you will need to have at least a high school diploma, car workshop experience and at least one year of relevant work experience. You will also need to have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out the repair work, such as working with auto parts and electronics. With these basics in mind, you can finally get down to the business of starting a car repair service business in Finland.