Is travelling to the UK with your car a good option for a family trip?

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There are many options to travel with when you want to go on a trip personally or with your family. You could go on a flight, on a train, through public transport or you could go with your car. Going with your car is often easier when you are travelling within a country, or at the very least, when roads are linking your location to your destination. You might be wondering if travelling by your car is a good option for a family trip. The answer to this question is that yes, it is a great option. Some of the reasons why it is a great option are discussed subsequently.

You would save money on transportation from your location to your destination

If you were to buy flight tickets for yourself, your wife and your 3 kids, you could imagine how much you would have to spend on flight tickets total. However, this will not be the case if you have decided to go in your family car. You might end up spending less than 10 per cent on maintaining and fuelling the car for the journey as opposed to buying flight tickets. Even though there are some other options of public transport you can opt for that could have been cheaper than fuelling your car if you were travelling alone, the fact you are travelling with your family could defeat that as the money for 5 train tickets or 5 public transport tickets should be enough to fuel your vehicle for the trip. Apart from transportation, you can learn about other things you should consider when planning a trip by reading how to plan a trip to the UK.

Convenience while going to or fro

When you travel with a flight or public transport, you cannot request for stops during the journey. However, when you are travelling by your car, you could easily stop if you notice an interesting spot you want to observe further, you could slow down when you want to get a better view of the scenery, and you could stop at an eatery or convenience centre if you have to. These activities will not be so convenient if you were travelling in a public transport system. The number of stops you would have the opportunity for could be more considering that you are travelling with your family. At other instances, the stop could be at the request of your spouse or one of your kids as opposed to just yours. Hence, travelling by your car will give you much more convenience, especially when you are travelling with your family compared to when you are travelling alone.


You would not need to rent a car

Another benefit of travelling by your car is that you would not have to rent a car when you get to your destination. This is considering that you would have your car at your disposal. Hence, you would also save money on car rental at your destination and after your family trip is over, you just drive back to your location.