Motorcycle Braking – Upgrading your front rotor

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So, when it comes to brakes on your motorcycle or your ATV – it’s no secret. We all know they’re absolutely crucial. The funny part is having really good performing brakes on your motorcycle/ATV can actually make you a faster rider, and that’s why it’s so crucial. You want to always be doing good maintenance and upkeep on your brakes to make sure they’re always in peak performance.

Getting the right parts

One aspect of getting your motorcycle braking getting the right motorcycle parts, preferably OEM motorcycle parts. We absolutely recommend motorcycle imports via Double R Parts. Now, some of the tips around this topic are going to be about maintenance, and some are going to be about certain parts or accessories that are going to give you the best braking power.

Benefits of getting a new motorcycle rotor

Now, our tip in this article is going to be upgrading to an oversized front rotor. Now, some of these are very popular. If you look closely, most pros these days, no matter what discipline they’re riding in, they’re going to be using an oversized front rotor, and the reason being is it’s going to give better surface area or more surface area.

It’s going to promote better cooling, better heat dissipation, and just give you more stopping power. Now, we have these available from a lot of different brands on our website, but on – for example – a YZ250, we’ve got the Tusk Typhoon Oversized Floating Rotor Kit. So this is a fully floating design rotor, and it’s going to be laser-cut from tempered stainless steel. And these things are awesome.

I ran these on my motorcycles — great stopping power. And the price point on these things is awesome. So that’s my third tip: upgrading to an oversized front rotor.