Plus and Minus of Laser Marking

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Construction works whether for homes or other purposes do not always use simple equipment. Sometimes you should try to use sophisticated equipment but can provide better results. One of them is a laser engraving machine model that is used to cut various hard materials. The results you can get are of course very different from the types of manual cutting machines or non-machine cutting tools.

Advantages of Laser Engraving

Using a Laser engraving machine has many advantages and disadvantages, depending on the actual usage. The various advantages of using a Laser engraving from mechanical cutting are easier and can reduce contamination with work pieces. Stable engine capability. The results created from laser engraving machine material objects are indeed better than other types of cutting machines. This is influenced by the performance of the engine which continues to be stable during operation.

Better Precision

The working precision may be better, because the ability of the laser beam does not decrease during the process. There is also the possibility of decreasing the warping of material being cut, because the laser system has a small heat-affected zone. Some materials are also very difficult or impossible to cut in the traditional way.

Less Energy

Laser engraving for metals has advantages over plasma cutting, namely workmanship becomes more precise, fast, neat, and uses less energy when cutting sheet metal, and also unmatched engraving quality. New Cutting Laser machines operating at higher power (6000 watts, in contrast to the initial 1500 watt laser engraving) are approaching plasma machines in their ability to cut thick materials, but the capital costs of these machines are much higher than plasma cutting machines.

Easy for Complicated Patterns

Laser engraving can also cut very complicated patterns. The results of this laser engraving are very neat, so this machine can minimize finishing work. In addition, this machine is very accurate, where this machine will cut the entire pattern according to the design that has been made. Has a very high speed. And there are no restrictions in the number segment. Materials that can be cut using Laser engraving are acrylic, wood, mdf, multiplex, cork, stainless steel, and soft materials such as leather, paper, rubber and silicon.

Disadvantages of Laser Marking or Engraving

Laser engraving is widely used for the manufacture of decorative elements in the interior and exterior of buildings, as well as various kinds of daily necessities such as furniture, various household appliances, clothing, etc. In addition, this Laser engraving machine also has its drawbacks. The disadvantage of this machine is consuming high power. The efficiency of this Laser engraving can range from 5% to 15%. The power consumption and efficiency of the laser itself will certainly vary depending on the output power. This will depend on the type of laser used and how suitable the laser beam is with the job. Software is needed such as CorelDraw, Illustrator, Inks pace to be opened in a laser engraving program. Then it is used to determine the direction of movement of the laser head. The price is in accordance with the size of the Laser engraving pattern made. The bigger the laser engraving pattern is made, the higher the price will be produced.