What are the factors to consider before renting best cheap car rental or monthly car rental in Dubai!

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Whether you are in Dubai or on a holiday, the best way to tour in town is to lease a cheap car rental or a monthly car rental. It’s always better to rent a car than to use public transport. You can find a huge variety of cars to choose from, whether it is a luxury car, or an SUV, or a proper off-road car. You can rent your car on a short-term or long-term basis depending on your stay. It is necessary to hire a car to be able to tour in this beautiful city, the roads are nice and clean and the signages are very easy to read which will allow you to enjoy your drive.

Here are a few things to consider about cheap car rental or monthly car rental in Dubai.

  • You have to mention the type of car that you need and for how many days.
  • Don’t forget to take into consideration that Fridays are holidays, so it is not easy to rent or return a car.
  • You should have a sufficient credit limit to pay the deposit. Therefore, a credit card is a must for most rental agencies.
  • Once you pick up your car, do not forget to take photos of the inside and outside of the car to help you avoid any arguments when returning the car.
  • Moreover, it is a must to have these documents with you before renting your car, a valid driver’s license or a valid international license, passport copy, visa copy and the insurance policy.
  • Before riding off with the car, you should check how much gas is available in the tank as you should return the car with the same amount of gas before you rented it.
  • Report to the rental agency of any scratches or dents before signing the contract.
  • If you experience any abnormalities while driving with the brakes or a problem in the gear, you should immediately call the rental agency and ask for a car replacement.
  • Dubai’s roads have multiple speed limits, so be careful to remain within these limits when you drive a cheap car rental or a monthly car rental as cameras are installed all over the roads.
  • Make sure not to cross the limit or you will end up paying a huge amount of money for a driving penalty.
  • Always, remember to call the police for a major or minor accident. They will notify the rental agency and do the necessary.
  • The car rental agency will provide you with a replacement car as soon as possible.
  • Use Waze App instead of Google maps as it provides you with the real-time speed limit and other alerts. At last, and before you return the car, visit the rental agency one day before and check if there are any parking tickets, penalties or outstanding amounts to be paid.
  • Don’t forget to bring the photos you took and read the amount of the gas so that it correlates with the rate when the car was delivered. This will avoid you from getting into any dispute or any additional costs.

How to choose a cheap car rental or monthly car rental in Dubai!

Browse online for options before you choose a cheap car rental Dubai. The prices vary between a small car, an SUV or a luxury car and also it depends on the year make. Carefully read the terms and conditions before booking and check for any additional fees to be paid upon returning it and what are the conditions to retrieve the deposit you made.

Make sure not to take a rented car to the safari desert if it is not eligible for this trip as it can be stuck in the sand or turn upside down on the dune. If this happens, the responsibility will fall on your back and you will be charged for the damaged car. You can ask for full insurance coverage and pay an additional amount for your peace of mind.