What parts of a car breaks down first and how to replace them (order them online)

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Imagine your cruising down the road, the girl of your dreams by your side then you hear some weird noise from your “baby”. A few minutes later you are stranded in the middle of nowhere just because you didn’t take care of her. Avoid these embarrassing moments by knowing which parts of your car need replacing when they breakdown. Car part replacements vary depending on the accumulated mileage and wear your car experiences under normal driving conditions.

Here are car parts that require replacing more often.

Oil Filters & Oil

Oil filters keep dust & particles off your engine and thus need replacing after 3000 to 7000 miles. When you change the oil filter change the oil, this ensures the vehicle’s engine performance is not affected by contamination.

Air Filters

Just like the oil filters air filters ensure the air going to the engine is free of pollutants. Most air filters are replaced after every 30,000 miles, but if the vehicle is driven on dirt and dusty roads, the filter will require regular replacement.

Spark Plugs

Depending on the condition of your engine, spark plugs can take up to eight years or 100,000 miles before replacing them. Spark plugs to aid your engine to run by igniting the gas and air in the engine.


Most batteries will last upwards of 4 years before they are replaced. Always check the positive and negative terminals of the battery and ensure they are always clean. Alternators draw power from the batteries.

Brake Pads

Most cars will have their brake pads replaced after 30,000 miles. But if the vehicle is a heavy commercial then the replacement maybe sooner as opposed to that of a family minivan. Always listen out for squeals when applying brakes – squeals mean your brake pads are worn out and need replacing.


Wear and tear of tires are associated with the number of miles the car covers annually. Hard braking and tire misalignment also increase tire wear. When buying tires always check wear ratings – the higher the wear rating the longer the tire will stay without replacing.

Most of the car repairs can be done from the comfort of your garage. All you need is to find a reliable auto parts dealer and the willpower to fix the car. For parts and tools to help you with repairs, use a website like autoshack.com who will deliver the parts to you. Read autoshack.com reviews before ordering from them.