Ways to reduce your car maintenance cost and to save fuel at the same time

Nothing bothers a car owner more than the car’s running cost. To buy a car is not the problem, but maintaining it seems to pose a challenge to so many car owners. If you can imbibe these tips to your driving routine, sure you’ll have your maintenance cost reduced to a reasonable level.

Fuel Savings

Maintain a speed not more than 50 mph: The moment your acceleration rises beyond 50 mph, commonly, fuel capacity reduces. As a result, when driving, bear in mind of this speed limit all times. Drive safely! Not everyone is comfortable with their cars going far journeys; you can engage AAA – Auto Club experiences for your travel services, automobile operations, all sorts.

Be a well-reasoned Driver: The fastest means to burn a car’s fuel is to match a brake forcefully and accelerate faster. This kind of forceful car control can quickly increase a vehicle’s fuel consumption by a fast margin. Especially, fast-moving on speed lanes. So, drive responsibly!

Desist from idling your car: idling is when a vehicle is in a stationary state, but the engine is active. This idling can consume as much as ¼ to ½ a gallon of gas mileage per hr. Endeavor to turn off when not in use. On the other hand, reigniting a car requires 10 sec. Fuel cost,

Endeavor to peg your AC usage: Though AC is a car component  that offers comfort and luxury. However, you need to use it wisely. Leaving this AC system for long periods can rapidly exhaust car fuels; therefore, try as much to drive with no AC.

Fix in an appropriate oil: Once you start applying oil outside the maker’s direction, this quality of motor-oil can reduce the fuel capacity roughly like 1%-2% due to high wear & tear inside the engine. Using an appropriate oil can obviate the metallic coating enclosing the engine from crushing side by side. It’s more advisable you use factory-made motor oils  & don’t pour in excess.

Ascertain your tires are on the right gage as this can enhance your fuel capacity with 3.3%. Never exceed the highest-pressure range inscribed by the sides of the tires. You can as well check your car guide-book for more details.

General Car Maintenance

Adhere to the tips below to reduce your car maintenance cost

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Be sensitive to your car’s needs & the right time to apply: Most car owners generally ignore these practices. A car communicates to its owner you just have to be sensitive enough to hear. If you can thoroughly examine your car guide-book, this can avoid becoming over billed while you hand over your car for service repairs.

Stop the forceful brake application.

Change over the car tires  when due.

Change the filter for dust-remover: This act can prevent dirt gaining access to the engine, likewise, economize fuel consumption. Mostly you have to observe every 30,000 miles you cover or look at the usage guide.

Treat other little patch-ups yourself: There are some repairs you don’t have to call a technician like substituting wiper propellers, plugs, spark plugs, tires, lighting, etc.